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Mississippi school report card

Click on school report card to view 2022 - 2023 information about our test scores.  If you would like this information in a language other than English, please contact the school at 601-264-3858.

Every School Day Counts

Don't forget that Lamar County students must be in school at least 63% of the day to be counted present.  Assuming the student is at school by 7:30, they may only check out after these times to be counted present for the day.  Activity period is taken into account.

Pre-Kindergarten - 11:30

Kindergarten - 12:00

First Grade - 11:30

Second Grade - 12:00

Third Grade - 11:30

Fourth Grade - 12:10

Fifth Grade - 11:30

School Counts



Do you want to make your student feel extra special on their birthday? You can now display a "Birthday Shout-Out" on the digital signs by the front office and in the cafeteria letting everyone know that today is their special day! Request a form from your child's teacher or from the office. (Cash only please) Their name will run on the sign all day for everyone to see!  Still only $10!

Happy Birthday

5279 West 4th Street Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Phone:  601-264-3858
Fax:  601-261-6892 
Click here for a map and directions School Begins each day at 7:30 am  School ends each day at 2:10 pm
(Please note that we will be loading our bus riders each day at 2:10 pm.  
Our car riders will be dismissed a few minutes before bus riders)  
* Any transportation changes will require a handwritten note or it may be faxed to the office by 8:30 am each day.  Include a phone number on the note.  Please fax your changes to 601-261-6892 NO CHECK-OUTS after 1:30 PM 

Lcsd Mission Statement

"The mission of the Lamar County School District is to provide a quality education in a safe and healthy environment with opportunities for all students to experience success.

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Pre-K Fun!
Pre-K having fun in Art!
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Pre-K Family Night