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What do I do?
What do I do?
I'm here to help! Please do not hesitate to send a message about specific skills that your child may be struggling with. Also, if you need help with helping them, I can help with that too!
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Websites to Access from Home

5 months ago

Here are some sites that you can access from home to help your child in reading and math. These are sites that are paid for by the school so there is no cost to use them!


You may have heard your child talk about Lexia at home when discussing what they did for the day. Lexia is a reading program that works specifically with your child's current reading ability and helps them build on skills that they need. 

They have set goals for how many minutes and units they complete each week. THE UNITS ARE MOST IMPORTANT.  They can login at home and work on Lexia for more reading practice. A little each day goes a long way!

Xtra Math

This program helps your child to work on basic facts that will help with more difficult skills. It begins with addition and takes your child through all facts. It is based on their performance as well. It is great to have extra practice on at home to work on your child's fact fluency. 


If your child is struggling with a certain skill in reading or math, it is almost a certainty that there is Flocabulary video to help!

This is a fun site that gives rhythm and to learning about new skills. There are videos that have a song to relate to the skill to help your child remember when they need to. 

Your child should be able to login from home. If you need help getting in, just shoot a message and we can help out!