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Parental Involvement Plan
Oak Grove Longleaf Elementary School
Parental Involvement Plan
Oak Grove Longleaf Elementary School
Parental Involvement Plan

The Lamar County School District’s mission describes a learning community with a
membership that includes educators, nurturing families, and a vibrant diverse community.
The goal of Longleaf Elementary School is to assure that families and the school work together to
ensure each student is successful and productive as a citizen in today’s world. Longleaf Elementary School affirms and assures the opportunity for the public- teacher and parents – to
participate in the design and implementation of its educational programs.

Longleaf Elementary School Communication includes the following strategies:
1) Parent/guardian conferences to provide information and solicit input regarding student services, programs, and progress.
2) Input through surveys completed online and through student backpacks.
3) PTO meetings, Parent Education Nights, Family Nights, newsletters, and our Internet site to provide opportunities to explain various educational programs.
4) Parent permission regarding their child’s participation in special education programs.
5) Longleaf Elementary School’s parental involvement plan being posted on the website and provided to parents when requested.
6) NCLB Report Card for school is provided for all parents each year via the district website.
7) A school-parent-compact regarding respective responsibilities will be completed yearly within the first month of school (given in August).
8) Parents and school personnel will provide input regarding program implementation through surveys and meetings.
Longleaf Elementary School’s specific strategies include the following:
1) Contact parents of students eligible for remediation from REACH, Computer lab interventions, or Tier Tutoring.
2) Report all student progress on a regular basis every 4-5 weeks through progress reports and skills’ checklist and STAR Reading.
3) Schedule conferences as often as needed with parents using flexible schedules of meetings in the mornings or evenings. Required conferences are scheduled with all parents during designated times during the year to celebrate successes and discuss weaknesses.
4) Report all Title I program plans/evaluations to parents prior to implementation.
5) Establish a local parent advisory council that will meet quarterly and communicate through email as often as needed.
6) Solicit parent suggestions in the planning, development, and operations of programs through surveys, Internet, conferences and written communications.
7) Respond to parent recommendations and requests in a timely manner.
8) Conduct an annual meeting with parents of eligible students.
Longleaf Elementary School, in conjunction with the Lamar County School District recognizes that parents have the following rights and responsibilities.
1) To provide adequately for the health and welfare of their children.
2) To ensure that their children attend school regularly, in accordance with attendance statutes. Longleaf Elementary School keeps in contact with parents in regard to absences. Once a child has received 5 unexcused absences a letter is sent from our office making the parents aware of the state law and district policy. Our Attendance Officer sends out a formal letter at 5 unexcused absences and will complete a home visit after 12 unexcused absences. A judicial process with one of our county judges is presently being established to deal with habitual absences. Attendance School is provided during the first two weeks of summer for children who exceed 12 unexcused absences.
3) Families are encouraged to attend School Board Meetings. Information that pertains to our families will be shared through newsletters and our website (board agendas can be found on the district webpage).
4) Families are also encouraged to communicate with our District Office as well as school board members.
5) Families are invited to “Meet the Teacher”, “Family Night” “Family Learning Nights” and other school meetings and to participate in our Parent Teacher Organization.
6) Families are encouraged to participate and serve on school and district wide committees. Through our PTO Executive Committee, sub committees are established with opportunities for families to sign up to serve. These opportunities are provided through sign up forms at “Meet the Teacher” and through our internet site and backpack opportunities. Parents can email our PTO at to share comments/concerns.
7) Families are kept informed on a regular basis through our website, our school website, and our bi-weekly school newsletter. Parents can also be contacted with a prerecorded message using School Messenger. Teachers also send out weekly newsletters through backpacks, as well as being placed on their websites and use Remind 101.
8) Families are provided opportunities to visit and volunteer in the classrooms. Teachers are available to conference with parents during planning periods, and scheduled conferences before school and after school. Teachers send home notes to parents as needed. Phone conference and home visit options are also available to families who are not able to attend the school campus.
9) Families are provided the opportunities to review their children’s records and to have any erroneous information contained therein corrected.
10) Families are notified of formal disciplinary actions pending against their children that result in suspension or expulsion. Short and long form issues are discussed with families through phone or in-person conferences. They are also given the opportunity to attend any hearing proceedings, if requested.

In accordance with the Lamar County School District Board of Education belief that parental involvement is vital to the success of our school system, the district’s and school’s Title I program will include, but not be limited to, the following components.
1. Continued review and development of this parental involvement plan. The plan will be shared and distributed to families at the “Family Night” during the month of August.
2. Provide written notification to families of students who are selected to participate in REACH, Orton Gillingham tutoring, and computer lab interventions (Moby Max, Renaissance).
3. Hold an annual meeting in the form of an “Open House” for students participating in REACH (in September), and tutoring labs. Provide “celebrations” for students who test out.
4. Families will be provided opportunities to attend conferences through each of the above mentioned programs.
5. Children of our families will be given the opportunity to be provided with a mentor. Mentors are adult volunteers from our community that have been trained on the mentoring process. They develop relationships with students through spending quality time with them. Mentor opportunities have been created on our campus.
6. Families will be encouraged to attend our family connection events that will be scheduled in the fall and spring. (2 per year) These will also be held in classrooms by individual teachers.
7. Families will also be provided with information about programs that our school district provides. “Parents as Teachers” will be available at registration in the fall and Preschool Registration in the spring. Brochures and flyers will also be available in our office throughout the school year.
8. During the initial month of school, the school report card for NCLB will be posted on the school website with hard copies provided upon request.
9. Parents/Teachers will complete the Compact during the month of August.
10. Continue review and revision of the Parental Involvement Plan to ensure that parental input remains an important aspect of it.
We welcome any suggestions on how we can improve our learning community. If you have any suggestions for our Parental Involvement Plan, please submit them in writing to the Longleaf Elementary School.

Complaint Process
Oak Grove Longleaf Elementary School
Parental Involvement/Title I Complaints/Concerns

A complaint/concern is a signed written statement that includes allegations or concerns applicable to the Title I Educational Program (LEA Level) and information that supports the complaint/concern.

Note: Any parent, teacher, or other concerned individual(s) or organization may file a complaint.

Written complaints may be given to local school principals and filed at the Office of Academic Office (District office in Purvis).
Signature of the complainant is required.
The written complaint will then be delivered to the LEA Superintendent’s office (Office of Academic Education) by the principal or his/her designee.
Upon receipt of the written complaint, the Title I Coordinator and a District Supervisor will investigate the complaint in a timely manner consulting with the LEA Superintendent if necessary.
Within a timely manner, a resolution and written decision acknowledging receipt of the complaint/concern will be rendered by the LEA. (Title I Coordinator/designee)

Principal: Angela McCarty
Phone: 601.264.3858
Federal Programs Director: Teresa Jenny
Phone: 601.794.5256